10 Things To Do Around Manipal!

Parnakuti is located in Manipal, a multi-cultured global village situated 5km East of Udupi, the temple town.

While you may find being in Parnakuti itself rejuvenating, for those of you who are outdoor types here is a list of 10 things you can do around the place. 

Here we go!

10. Rajatadri and End Point

Rajatadri is the newly constructed government office complex near the End Point. Built in the traditional style this complex houses government offices for Udupi district headquarters. Further down the road is the End Point – a small cliff overlooking the Swarna river. From this point, one can see the Arabian sea in the western horizon and the Western Ghats in the eastern horizon.

9. WWM (World Wide Manipal) and Food Court

Manipal is home to Manipal University, which has 19 colleges, ranging from the fields of Business, Engineering and Health sciences. One round around the campus will give you a glimpse into the truly global educational facility that Manipal university offers scores of students from around the world. Food court offers traditional South Indian food, and also houses joints like Subway, Yo Dragon, and Scirocco.

8. MAP – Museum of Anatomy and Pathology

This was renovated in 201. The anatomy section displays the specimen of human body parts and organs. All the organ systems of the human body could be explored as separate entities. In also houses a large collection of animal carcasses, skeletons and bones. May not be a great sight, unless you are truly interested in Anatomy.

7. Pub and Restaurants

You may want to visit Blue Waters, Wine and Spiritz for a good time. If just dining is on your cards there are fine restaurants Basil Cafe (Continental), Crumbz (light snacks), China Valley (Chinese), Guzzler’s Inn (North Indian). Bachhus Inn is famous for traditional veg starters.

 6. Planetarium and Venugopal Temple

Manipal has a planetarium named after Dr T.M.A Pai, who is well known for building the university town of Manipal. It is the second planetarium of the state after Bangalore’s “Nehru Planetarium”. The Venugopal temple is built using an architectural styles from Hindu, Muslim and Christian together. A true symbol of cultural diversity that Manipal is known for.

5. Boating at the Manipal lake

Safe to avoid the scorching noon sun. Life jackets are provided by the operators.

4. Play a round of cricket match

There is a playground just next to the lake. Join the local group for a match, or form your own.

3. Take a cycle, roam around

Manipal and country side is a great place to roam around on a cycle. We recommend early mornings for solitude and evenings for fun acquaintances.

2. Go into the tall grasses, find a peacock or two

This is by far the most interesting one. The tall grasses and small forest you see opposite Parnakuti houses peacocks. If it is a bit cloudy and evening you might be in luck. What’s more, you may even sight them loitering around Parnakuti!

1. Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village

Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village at Manipal, is a multi-dimensional cultural project which aims at restoration and conservation of the nation’s cultural wealth expressed in the form of traditional buildings and objects of art, craft and other artefacts of aesthetic interest, some dating several hundred years ago. A must-visit for lovers of culture! This is expected to be opened to public in Feb-2013.

0. Just go global shopping, locally!

Enough said!

And oh, this is Sandy. The Persian king on campus. Totally harmless, nick named “Purr”. You’ll find out why. 🙂

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